Larry Claud


This is basically all I know, as far as working for a living. HVAC work is really all I’ve ever done other than part-time jobs in high school, which were important because they helped me learn what I don’t want to do.

I did, however, come upon this trade unintentionally when I applied for the auto mechanics class my freshman year at Hume-Fogg Tech (this was long before it became a Magnet school) so I could learn to work on my first car, a very much used 1946 Ford coupe. Class was full, so of the other choices, I chose Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. As they say, “The rest is history!”

After graduation I worked with five HVAC companies, 2 years each, and in 1975 I started my own business in Nashville, “Air Care, Inc.” I sold Air Care in 2003 and that business is now “Roscoe Brown” of Nashville. Very good people.

I started “Innovative Heating & Cooling” in August of 2009 (re-branded “Innovative HVAC” in 2014). The right people wanted to come work with me and this is about as fun and exciting as work can be. Great customers! Wonderful employees! Terry, Brandon, Chad, and I have 80 years of HVAC experience between us!

My goal this time around with Innovative, was to keep the company small and specialized. Big companies can take on a life of their own and it doesn’t always end as it started. With Innovative HVAC we’ve avoided that pitfall by intentionally keeping it small, keeping it simple, and focusing on the work that we love.

We employ the most talented and conscientious technicians around, we focus on installing high-quality energy efficient solutions, that provide top tier comfort while saving natural resources and protecting our customer’s health, and we work for people who care, know the difference, and want the best.

We don’t want to do everybody’s HVAC work. Just the amount of customers that we can make happy by having the time to give them and their system the attention it deserves.