Brandon Cline


My name is Brandon Cline. I’m currently 30 years old and am father to twin 7 year old sons. My wife and i have been married almost 9 years.

I started my HVAC career in 2005 at the end of my army enlistment, working for Larry in his custom installation department at “Air Care Inc.” For my first 9 months I assisted Larry’s most experienced and skilled installer. My inquisitive nature allowed me to learn installation very quickly and I was soon promoted to lead installer and given my first van.

Over the next 4 years, I learned the service and maintenance end of the business from Terry. On January 1st of 2010, I made the transition to join Larry at Innovative HVAC, as a full technician. I quickly became NATE Certified, which is the organization that sets the bar for technical excellence in our industry.

I really enjoy my work, from system installation to customer service!