I am what I consider a very “detail oriented” person, and what others may consider “critical”. I see everything, photograph each stage of the job, and make sure that it gets done RIGHT. Although I have my reasons for being the way that I am, I know that it’s not easy to work for me. Rarely will you hear me say a good word about a contractor, and even more rarely will you hear me brag about them.

Mr. Larry Claud and Innovative HVAC passed my scrutiny tests on ALL COUNTS with flying colors! Their attention to detail, their willingness to explore what I WANT instead of just installing what they want (or typically install), their caution and consideration throughout each phase of the project, and their expert skillfulness is absolutely second to NONE!

My wife is an architect, I have a background in real estate, and we thought that we knew what we WANTED, but we really didn’t know what we NEEDED until after a few consultations with Larry.

Larry Claud invested the TIME in exploring our options with us, listening carefully to our long-term plans for the property, and advised us on what he felt would serve our home and our family BEST for the next 10-20 years of our lives. In the end, Larry was a great help in the decision making process.

We honestly never knew that air quality meant so much before, but it sure makes a DIFFERENCE! We LOVE our new Carrier Infinity system! Inside our home, you can’t tell if it is a hundred degrees outside or zero, it is the same constant temperature inside our house regardless! The icing on the cake is the energy savings, our utility bills are SIGNIFICANTLY lower while enjoying the most COMFORT that we have ever lived in before.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the system that Larry sold us, or the work that has been performed on our property by his crews. Both Terry and Brandon have proven themselves to be very talented, conscientious, and trustworthy.

I have no doubt that we could have gone on vacation while they installed our system, and it would have been installed exactly the same way! I wish more contractors shared their business ethics!

Innovative HVAC of Nashville is definitely a RARE FIND! This recommendation is the best gift that I can give to a friend who is looking for HVAC help!

Take the gift, you won’t regret it, I promise!

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Jeff and Fawn Fenton
Brentwood, Tennessee