HVAC Testimonials & Reviews

I have had Larry, his family, and crew techs in my life for longer than I can count. Going back to Larry’s son in law, these highly responsible and trained service folks have kept me cool, warm, safe, at fair price points. No doubt my comfort level extends to not having to worry if something should malfunction or go wrong. Someone would come immediately and check it out.

Innovative is a small operation, so customers really count. My home, as well as my daughter’s home, come under Larry’s wing. I admit that Terry is an indispensable ingredient in our lives. Confidently and with 100% trust I would give Terry the keys to my house. How often can you hear someone say that about these large wallet- busting advertised companies?

As a retired teacher, with 40 years of teaching seniors in high school, I have written many recommendations! This one, on this website, for this company, is reliable and filled with honest praise.

Pick up the phone!

Mr. Kent Cathcart
Green Hills, Tennessee

As an Architect who provides a service, I understand the value of listening. Larry & his team have always provided me with more than just a product but an understanding of my needs and concerns.

The value engineering approach that they deliver on the front end of a project allows for a quality project without cheapening the end result.

Brandon & others have always demonstrated a positive attitude and a determination to make it right.

Their service department is second to none.

I would highly recommend this team for any HVAC needs.

Mr. Todd Hilbert
Green Hills, Tennessee

Innovative installed a central heat and air unit in a mother-in-law apartment that we completely renovated in our 1950 house.

Of the 4 companies I talked with to gather bids for the job, Larry was the only person who took the time to figure out, with me, the best way to install the system so that it was not only efficient but so that it also aesthetically fit. There wasn’t an existing unit so it was tricky figuring out where the handler would be placed and where the lines could be run (we were working with low and angled ceilings).

Larry took the time to run refrigerant piping down inside of an interior wall (all the other companies wanted to run it down the exterior of my house). He worked well with the other sub-contractors to mask the trunk line and he was the only one to talk to me about the importance of insulation and how it would effect the efficiency of the unit.

His crew was on time, professional, polite and they cleaned up after themselves!

I simply could not be happier with the job that they did and how the unit has performed.

I will absolutely call Innovative when it comes time to replace our other heat and air unit.

Ms. Nancy Quinn
Inglewood Neighborhood, East Nashville, Tennessee

As an audio producer/engineer/musician, having my HVAC unit(s) run quietly & smoothly is of paramount concern.

Thankfully, Larry & the guys @ Innovative HVAC are always there to respond quickly & efficiently, if &/or when an issue should arise … which is rare (@ fair reasonable prices too).

In addition to the regular upkeep & checkups these guys normally perform, they also installed a new unit for us – suffice it to say: great job!

Basically, if you’re lookin’ for an honest, professional & efficient HVAC company, you’ll find it with Innovative HVAC!

Mr. Michael Bornheim
Goodlettsville, Tennessee