Residential HVAC Services

    Innovative is a small and very manageable business, which allows us to spend more time doing the things that are enjoyable, like making customers happy, and solving comfort problems that have been around for years. We love designing and installing systems that run extremely efficiently and satisfy our customers with real comfort without breaking the bank. And yes, we are not above taking an old system that appears to be on it’s last leg and cleaning and overhauling a few components to make it work like a top so that a customer can have time to prepare for buying the top of the line system they really need for the addition or expansion they are planning, or simply to get a few more years out of the old unit before upgrading to a new Bosch Geothermal system or the Carrier Infinity Greenspeed. Expensive systems indeed, but so quality and efficient. If you’ve got comfort issues that require zoning, nothing can control individual zones as quietly and comfortably as the Carrier Infinity zoning. We also use lot’s of Carrier and York systems. Solid, reliable, and as efficient as you want to get.

    The efficiency of units is directly proportional to the price you pay. I’ve never found a way around that, except that you can get a 30% tax credit on the installation of a Geothermal heat pump system. Our brand for Geothermal is Bosch. Most people know the quality of Bosch products. We also install a lot of York systems, which have high efficiency ratings while being reasonably priced. Ever since Johnson Controls bought York over a decade ago and totally re-engineered all their systems, the efficiency and reliability have been great for us and our customers.

    We love new duct systems! Love to rip out old dirty leaky duct systems and install new R-8 sealed codes compliant duct systems! Talk about making a difference. There are only rare occasions where we will recommend duct cleaning. Most of the time it’s simply not going to deliver the results that customers expect and the cost of a duct cleaning would often be better spent investing in a new duct system.

    We do take pride in doing the job right the first time …..but it doesn’t always happen the FIRST time. Things happen! HVAC systems are one of the more complex things in the home, involving electrical, plumbing, mechanical, distribution systems, and electronic boards that ‘think’. That’s why if there’s a problem, we go back out the second time, just as quickly as we did the first time. We stand behind what we do and we are accountable! Because of that, we won’t install anything for you that we wouldn’t install in our own homes.

    We like the Honeywell digital and programmable thermostats, the Honeywell TruClean air cleaner, and the Carrier Infinity air cleaner; they have been good products for us and our customers. We also install custom filter racks for high efficiency 4” pleated filters that are reasonably priced and can be bought locally. We like solutions that make GOOD SENSE!

    Our company, previously named “Innovative Heating & Cooling“, was recently re-branded along with our new website launch in 2014 as “Innovative HVAC“. We are STILL the SAME company, with the SAME ownership & crew, just a shorter name. That also makes GOOD SENSE, helping to consolidate our branding and simplify connecting with our customers!

    Larry Claud

    HVAC Service & Install Specialists

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