In this project, the customer was referred to us by a local mold remediation specialist because the insulation around the duct work in their crawlspace was full of mold and needed to be replaced.

Upon consulting with the customer we learned that the home had some pretty serious problems with air distribution as well. There was an old Carrier package unit on one end of the home, where the air blew out real forcefully and cold, while at the other end of the house it was ten degrees warmer and muggy. Humidity was also a huge concern throughout this entire home, which had previously attributed to a lot of the mold growth.

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Since the customer suffered from asthma, they asked us to do whatever it took to not only fix the air quality inside the home, but beneath the home as well. Removing the conditions that promote mold growth was their absolute top priority.

Furthermore, since we were now going to control the air quality in their crawl-space, the customer requested that we run the new duct work around the perimeter of the crawl space, instead of through the middle, so the customer could use the bulk of the area for storage. We also moved an existing gas line for the customer, so that it no longer ran through the middle of that space.

Here are the highlights of the work that we performed:

Incorporating feedback from the customer and their plans for the crawlspace, we designed an extremely unique duct system to supply the home.

We removed the existing duct system (to eradicate the mold), from the floor vents to the package unit, and installed a new R-8 sealed duct system throughout the home.

We installed a new 4 ton Carrier Infinity Greenspeed heat pump, located it near the center of the crawl-space (in a spot approved by the customer) to vastly improve air distribution throughout the home. The customer decided to purchase the Infinity, upon our recommendation, because the Infinity is designed to control humidity throughout the cooling season. The Infinity also features an excellent zone system to balance air distribution.

We built a three zone system and upon the customer’s request we put the crawl space on its own zone and installed new ducts. The other two zones were split between the main living area and the bonus room, which had a different climate since it is above the garage.

We installed a whole-house Carrier Infinity Air Purifier to filter contaminants.

We also installed a Carrier Ultraviolet Germicidal Dual Lamp System as an added precaution to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses on the indoor coil.

Now a year later, the customer happily reports to us that in addition to saving approximately $100 per month on their utility bill, their home stays within a degree or two, from one end to the other, year around, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. The environment that was previously favorable to mold no longer exists. The system runs so quietly that they often can’t tell if it is running, and “air quality” has taken on a whole new meaning in their lives.

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