This is a home that is a long-term new construction project, being built as a family retreat/estate/dream house, in the Cane Ridge area.
The exterior walls of the house are constructed using a foam core insulated, full log wall system, for the asthetics and charm of a log cabin, with energy efficiency that rivals any modern home.
Since the system was being installed prior to the home being completed, it was an ideal candidate for installing a Bosch geothermal heat pump, which is exactly what we did. The owner was also in a position to benefit from the 30% tax credit incentive, for installing geothermal units, so this ended up being the perfect solution for their family. It made SENSE from every angle!

This required drilling three geothermal wells, each 300 feet deep, for the heat exchangers (also referred to as geothermal loops). And involved installing both a 3-ton unit and a 2-ton unit to service the home.    

The photos shown here are of a small mechanical room that is located at the foot of the basement stairs in the middle of the house.  
This dream house is setup now for a long, happy, and energy efficient future!

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