Meet Our Crew: Terry, Chad, Larry, and Brandon
Qualify for a 30% Tax Credit by Purchaing a new Geothermal Heat Pump with Energy Efficiency Second to None!
We installed this Bosch Aquarius II Premier Series Geothermal Heat Pump in a new energy efficient log cabin being built in Cane Ridge.
We installed this Carrier Infinity Greenspeed Heat Pump in an existing Brentwood home to correct numerous air quality & conditioning problems which persisted for years.
Owner Larry Claud, fishing on Canery Fork. Whether it's WORK or PLAY, his philosophy is: "Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing RIGHT!"
  • Innovative HVAC, Inc.

    Nashville's premier provider of energy efficient heating and air conditioning solutions for discerning residential applications.
    Innovative is a small and very manageable business, which allows us to spend more time doing the things that are enjoyable, like making customers happy, and solving comfort problems that have been around for years. We love designing and installing systems that run extremely efficiently and satisfy our customers with real comfort without breaking the bank. And yes, we are not above taking an old system that appears to be on it’s last leg and cleaning and overhauling a few components to make it work like a top so that a customer can have time to prepare for buying the top of the line system they really need for the addition or expansion they are planning, or simply to get a few more years out of the old unit before upgrading to a new Bosch Geothermal system or the Carrier Infinity Greenspeed. Expensive systems indeed, but so quality and efficient....
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  • Bosch

    Geothermal Heat Pumps

    Lowering your monthly utility bills has never been easier with Bosch’s Energy Star...
  • Carrier

    Infinity Greenspeed

    Greenspeed intelligence maximizes the performance of adaptable-speed technology, whether in the form of...
HVAC - Customer Testimonials & Reviews
  • Brentwood – Innovative HVAC Review by Jeff and Fawn Fenton
    I am what I consider a very “detail oriented” person, and what others may consider “critical”. I see everything, photograph each stage of the job, and make sure that it gets done RIGHT. Although I have my reasons for being the way that I am, I know that it’s not easy to work for me. Rarely will you hear me say a good word about a contractor, and even more rarely will you hear me brag about them. Mr. Larry Claud and Innovative HVAC passed my scrutiny tests on ALL COUNTS with flying colors! Their attention to detail, their willingness...
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  • Franklin – Innovative HVAC Review by Robert England
    I have used Larry Claud and Innovative for years now. Larry knows HVAC. He always does what he commits to do, on time and per estimate. His staff are solid HVAC knowledgeable fellows. Larry communicates clearly and is as creative in HVAC problem solving as anyone out there. One more thing, he will not do the job if he cannot do it properly....
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